Event-basiertes Flottenmanagementsystem
HAK Digital Business
Stefan Wirtensohn, Lukas Bickel, Johannes Ludescher, Lovre Vuksan
Alexander Berzler, Verena Fastenbauer, Martina Reutin
ASP.Net, Xamarin, SignalR, Azure, SQL

The problem companies have at big events is, that they often face difficulties organising and managing passenger transportation. The purpose of the project was to improve organisation by optimising distribution processes through the use of technology and additionally increase security.

The project was originally developed for the Microsoft Cooperation. The problem setting arose at the “World Economic Forum”. During this event Mrs. Hughes, a Microsoft employee, needs to coordinate all the rides for the people attending the event from the Microsoft Cooperation. Therefore, she needs to coordinate her drivers accordingly to the incoming and pre-scheduled assignments. New requests pop in through emails and phone calls. The dispatching process of the drivers is done through the radio and phone calls as well. Currently, there is hardly any supervision of the rides given. For that reason, we developed Convey.

At events Convey is a tool to manage, dispatch and organise rides of participants. Convey consists of a control panel to manage, dispatch and communicate with the drivers. The control panel is attached to a corporate website which includes various product information and details
about the system. Besides that, Convey includes a driver app, where the drivers receive all their assignments. Convey provides various features such as driver tracking, dispatching functions and an integrated quick messaging system. The software is developed to increase the security and speed up the dispatching process. Furthermore, the project scope includes a complete corporate design. The corporate design consists of a brand name, a logo and a font. A major requirement was that Convey is in English and that it can be used by other companies too and isn’t limited to Microsoft. Convey can therefore be used around the world for any event where people transportation is required.