Nachtrag: A sailing trip in the Netherlands

Back at it with another blog entry. This one’s about our school trip to Amsterdam which took place at the end of last year’s school year. We were there for one week, partly in a hotel, partly on a boat. Yes, a boat. But I’ll get into that later on.

So, we visited Amsterdam. I always knew that Amsterdam was a place with rich history, however, I never realized how important Amsterdam, the Netherlands in general, had been in the past. It was a huge empire with colonies all over the world. We learned all of this during an alternative tour through the city. The tour was in the beginning of the trip. I really enjoyed it. Not only was the subject matter interesting, we were lucky enough to get a very nice, enthusiastic guide. For me, the tour was one of the highlights of our stay.

We also took part in a bike tour through Amsterdam, which was also cool. And then, there was, of course, the Anne Frank house – a must see. Other than these activities, we were also allowed to discover the city on our own, which I liked. Amsterdam is a city you should definitely visit.

The second part of our trip was on a sailing boat. Every day, we sailed to a different city/village in the Ijsselmeer. For instance, Hoorn or Monnickendam. To be honest, the sailing itself was pretty much uneventful, which isn’t a bad thing at all. I liked the fact that we could relax a little bit. We also helped the boat’s crew take care of all the duties on board, which was cool as well. Cooking was up to us, too. That turned out better than I had actually expected.

 All in all, I enjoyed our time in the Netherlands, especially the two days in the city.

Alex SAndbichler