EIA at HAK Bregenz

50 students of the graduating classes took part in the EIA (English in Action) oral preparation course from 15 to 19 May at our school. Its ultimate aim was to improve their English speaking skills.

Michael and Sonia, Mandy and Saana, all of them native speakers from Britain (Mandy being English, Mike being Scottish, Sonia and Saana having Pakistani roots), motivated the students to speak English only for a whole week in an encouraging and pleasant atmosphere. Thereby the pupils could considerably improve their pronunciation and fluency. The students presented their newly acquired skills in short monologues and presentations.

All four native speakers supported the classes in their work on innovative business projects, such as the Eden Project and helped them hold debates about various topics, some of which were the infrastructure of London airports or the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Additionally, they carried out many challenging activities including role plays on interesting business topics.

Working with the EIA teachers from Britain was very exciting, varied and most of all extremely helpful for the upcoming graduation exams.

Sara Bertel, Manuela Leitl, 5aa

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